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You may not know we also provide and install high quality carpet as part of our remodeling business !! We offer a large variety of beautiful carpet including plush, freise and patterned styles, with a big selection of colors. All come with high quality thick 8lb pad WITH MOISTURE PROOF BARRIER to guard against those unavoidable ‘pet accidents’ leaving a lasting smell 🙁   Call us today for a free estimate. We accept credit cards for all carpet installations.
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SPECIAL OFFER ….. We have a GREAT deal on superb thick Freise plush carpet by ‘Marquis’. MADE IN AMERICA.  Several colors available. We always install 6lb or 8lb thick pad WITH MOISTURE BARRIER to avoid those ‘pet accidents’ from getting into the pad. Fully installed turnkey for ONLY $4.95 per square ft !! (typically over $7/sq’ from major carpet retailers) Includes removing old carpet and pad. We can also move furniture. Call us on 214-789-5832 or just email us. THANKS !! G