Millwood Remodeling and Design Process

Millwood Remodeling and Design provides the expertise to help you complete your renovation or remodel project with that “designer home” look and feel.


Schedule an appointment for an on-site visit to discuss project (call 214.789.5832)


Determine full scope of work incl. multiple bathrooms, kitchen, painting etc. as separate itemized projects

Material List

Initial list of materials is determined (type of tile, granite, lighting, construction materials etc)


We will provide comprehensive quote and email to customer, usually within 2-3 days


If quote is acceptable, schedule start date with project manager (Graham)

Initial Deposit

Initial deposit is payable on start of project
(usually 1/3 of total)

Site Preparation

On start date, we deliver trailers (for tools & trash), materials etc

Material Selection

Work in the material selection process with client, provide samples and components best meeting client’s desires

Project Preparation

Project site (carpet, floors, furniture etc.) are thoroughly protected by plastic sheets and paper to minimize dust and debris


Demolition starts
(possible 1-2 days)

Material Pickup

Project Manager (Graham) purchases main materials and delivers to site


All rough-ins (plumbing and electrical) usually take 1-2 days for typical bathroom

Daily Meetings

Daily meetings with customer and Project Manager to communicate progress and expectations, together with any changes or additions

Second Payment

Second payment (1/3) is due at midpoint of project


Final Walk Through

Once project the is finished, a final walk-through and accepted by customer

Final Payment

Final payment (1/3) is due once final walk-though is complete and accepted by customer

Clean Up

Project site is thoroughly cleaned and all protective plastic, paper etc is removed. Trash trailer and materials removed


Warranty period begins at this time

Customer Satisfaction

Customer enjoys their new bathroom/kitchen etc!

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