Kitchen Remodel in Frisco, TX for Brad M

We often have customers call us to help with a flood damaged kitchen. Typically, most floods come from dishwashers, bad valves, fridge water lines and sometimes old water heaters. This case was no exception. A bad dishwasher water line finally broke and flooded the kitchen and adjacent rooms. Unfortunately, the owners were away for the weekend when it occurred, so it was 2 days of running water! Extensive damage occurred to all the kitchen cabinets, hardwood flooring and walls. After a specialist company came out to remove the bad sheetrock, flooring, cabinets etc. they installed dehumidifiers and let it sit for a week to dry out. Out job was to replace all the cabinets, counters, tile and also hardwood flooring. The new kitchen certainly is a massive improvement on the old!! Very happy customers once again.

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