Living Space Remodel in Dallas, TX for Ranil N

We remodeled this entire 3,000 sq’ home with 3 new bathrooms, a new kitchen, all new hardwoods and some construction. Here is the main living room, and we have included some “during construction” photos just to show the extent of work involved in a project like this. FYI, the entire project took 14 weeks in total. Some highlights – the fireplace was extensively modified with 24×48 gray slate tile, and new floating shelves. The incredible metal patio doors are made to open all the way (approx. 12 feet wide) and allows party guests to wander in and out with ease 😊 We doubled the size of the existing wetbar and added new cabinets, quartz counters and flashy LED lighting. Flooring is all engineered hardwoods with new trim and baseboards. Quite a change from the original 70’s design. Thx G.

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