Warranty Information

All work carried out by Millwood Homes LLC (dba Millwood Remodeling) carries a two (2) year Limited Warranty for both materials and workmanship, including plumbing, electrical, tile installation, plus any further items included in the original scope of work.

Hardwood Flooring: Manufacturer’s Warranty only applies to engineered hardwoods. There is NO warranty on damage caused by water, flood damage, leaks, or other sources of water from (e.g.) dishwashers, fridge water lines, hot water heaters, leaking faucets, washing machines etc. “Cupping” or other damage to hardwoods and subfloor caused by water is typically covered by Homeowner’s Insurance.

Cracking or other damage to walls and structure caused by foundation movement is not warrantied. Again, this would be covered under the Homeowner’s Insurance.

We reserve the right to change or alter these warranty coverage terms and conditions at anytime.

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